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Lost Spider

So after seeing friends that were part of my musical journey starting to play with other musicians and other friends asking for copies of my work I had to dust the studio off and get it working.
Started with the old guitars and then getting out the keyboards 
Some of the legacy music from the amazing abizmal spider band came back to me and then a flood of pent up ideas started to flow 
Next thing find an audience……. 

Lost Spider 
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Number 1 Music Post

Thanks again for your continued interest keeping my stuff out there
ok so its a strange time for us all and I don’t know about you but my music provides me an escape
as while I am putting it together the day job disappears for a while and I can de stress so to speak
my Spotify account is starting to get some plays and my Artist page on Iggice.us get a few views as well
all plays and purchases on iggyice.us go to charity so it would be nice for some clicks on that one for me so the advertisers contribute for the good causes there.
My music is all over the place and I keep thinking of some one who used to give me lessons on the Trumpet at the time saying I wish you would decide if your songs are fast or slow loud or quite but not all 4 in one song, well years latter I am still the same and my butter fly brain does not let me settle to long on any one thing so still all over the place.
thanks again for the plays taking it to over 6.7 million .. don’t quite know what that looks like.
see if where you can find lost spider .. on the web

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