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So you have found your self to lost spider Land ….

Lost Spider seems to be stuck in the 1980s a wannabe Musician but had to be an engineer and now well we go back to our teen age hobbies Don’t we?

Hi there! I’m a Engineer by day, aspiring sleeping person by night, and this is my website. I don’t live in Los Angeles, I don’t have a great dog named Jack, and I can’t drink with out falling over

:and a shout out to the original team ….

In 1981 the Amazing AbIZmal Spider Band started life in the Masons Arms Mansfield

Members of the Band

Ray Barns Bass ,Steve Rivington Guitar , Alan Harvey Drums , Stephen Lester Keys ,


Pete Collins Drummer .. Now in Black Sails

Ivan Bradow Lights

Steve Turvey Mix Man & Photographer….

Steve Bull Roady

and Saturday Residence the Huthwaite Clubby

Fun and Great Music what its all About

Have fun!