Song Reviews

Remarkable Style

Who is the big man now

Unique song and quintessence of electro pop and indie rock music. I love the intro with synthesizer sound which brings immediately some more interest into the song. The lyrics feels like a story and the singer has a rather unique voice. The chorus makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. Additional instruments like rock guitar carries the recording. Perfect played drums and some effects of the keyboard make it complete. This song is more creative than some others. Overall a really impressive arrangement and I´m sure you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.



Germany, Hamburg

New Romantic come back?

Have I Lost your Love

The song trickles in at the beginning and the vocals accompany a surprisingly pleasant pop song that’s reminisent of the new romantics in the eighties like David Sylvian and Japan. Since things move in cycles it’s probably timely and current with it’s look backwards towards the recent musical past. It suffers a bit from the claustraphobic bed room mix but that’s easily over looked. A nicely turned out song that should leave you feeling cheerful.


Ian C Bishop / Horsepower uk

United States, New Jersey, jersey city

No you haven’t

Have I lost your Love

As expressive as ever, Stephens vocals are on point once again and has the backing of an amazing track. Love is cruel when love dies but the way we let those feelings go is all part of the healing. I love the shuffling drums, the saxophone and haunting keys but the the lyrics and delivery sell it to me. Great composition, great production, and above all else, a great vocal performance. Bravo Stephen !


Peter T. Newton PRO

United Kingdom, Jersey Channel Islands