Saru Systems Keeping you Safe

ElectricSafe is a single, consumer facing register of electricians from across England and Wales. It is designed to help the general public identify competent, registered electricians in their area.

Householders are generally unaware that, since 2005, the electrical industry has been under the strict regulation of Part P – the section of the Building Regulations that covers domestic electrical work.
Hiring a registered electrician means hiring a professional who is able to work on your household electrics, in compliance with Part P. Not only does this make it easy to comply with the Building Regulations for England and Wales, it could also make life easier if you should come to you sell your home.

All electricians on the ElectricSafe Register meet strict qualification requirements, are regularly assessed, complying with robust inspection procedures, to ensure their on-going competence

ElectricSafe has the support of 5 out of the 6 DCLG authorised Competent Person Scheme operators that work to Government approved standards.